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Maintain Your Brakes at Fresno Mitsubishi

There is nothing more frightening than failed brakes. Luckily our vehicles have certain safeguards to prevent full brake failure. The front and back brakes are separate, making it so that if your brakes fail it is highly unlikely that both sets will fail. In the event of full brake failure remove your foot from the gas pedal and then you can use your emergency brake to slow your car down to a stop.

When it comes to brake failure you can never be too careful. In a partial brake failure you will have some stopping power but it is likely that it will take a significantly longer distance to bring the vehicle to a stop.

That said, you can prevent brake failure by bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of brake issues. If you are noticing a squealing sound coming from the front or rear of the vehicle, this could be an early indicator that it is time for brake service. A grinding sound is a good bit more serious, as it indicates that the friction material may no longer be present, resulting in metal clamping onto metal. Finally, if you notice that the brake pedal feels spongy or is going to the floor every time you press the brakes, this could mean the hydraulic system has failed.

All three of the aforementioned symptoms are time sensitive. The sooner you get the vehicle into our service department, the less damage you will do to your brakes. The lesser the damage, the lower the repair bill may be,

In the event of either type of brake failure, bring your vehicle to your nearest auto repair shop. If you'd rather be safe than sorry you can come to Fresno Mitsubishi. Our technicians can keep your brakes well maintained so that you don't have to worry.