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Fresno Mitsubishi Will Replace Your Battery

Have you ever left you lights on and come back to find that your car battery is dead. It's really frustrating! Luckily in this situation you can jumpstart your car to get it running again. Unfortunately car batteries can die for good too. There are signs that you can use to determine if your car battery is on the verge of dying.

Age is the best indicator for how long your battery has left to live. If it's older than five years, it could be very well on its last leg. If you don't remember when the last time you replaced your battery, you can look at the battery and likely you'll find a sticker with an installation month and year on it. If you take a look at your battery and there is corrosion or stains it can indicate a leak. Check for buildup around the terminal as well. Finally if it takes a long time for your car to start and it makes a clicking noise that can mean your battery is dying too.

Battery issues don't always mean that it is about to die either. Light corrosion can occur just from normal wear and tear, and this can add resistance to the system. This resistance can result in a slow start. We can perform a cleaning service that will remove this corrosion, and then we'll add in a protective coating that will prevent this corrosion from reappearing.

If you're unsure about whether or not your battery is dying you can always bring your car to Fresno Mitsubishi and our technicians will test it to see what condition your battery is in. Any questions? Feel free to come by our shop or give us a call, and we'll address any questions or issues you may have.