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Get Your Oil Changed at Fresno Mitsubishi

Getting an oil change is an integral part of keeping your vehicle maintained. Here at Fresno Mitsubishi, we can perform oil changes on your car to make sure that it keeps running smoothly.

The manufacturer of your vehicle has specific recommendations as to when your oil needs changing. The intervals between changes can be as short as every three months or 3,000 miles, while other say that their vehicles can travel up to 12,000 miles between oil changes. To find out what interval your car's manufacturer recommends, you can look in your car's owner's manual

Changing the oil is only part of an oil change service. We will also change your oil filter. The filter prevents contaminants from entering the oil system and neglecting this filter can lead to the reintroduction of contaminants into the new oil. This new filter also allows the oil to flow freely to the various moving parts of the engine.

Oil is very important to keep your engine running. The moving parts on the engine are very close to each other. If they aren't properly lubricated with oil the parts of your engine may start to rub against each other and cause the engine to seize up. This can be very costly to repair.

Our technicians here at Fresno Mitsubishi can perform an oil change on your vehicle using the recommended oil for your make, model, and mileage. We can also recommend how frequently you should bring your vehicle in for optimal performance. Stop by and keep your car maintained with Fresno Mitsubishi. If there are any burning questions regarding your vehicle or our oil change services, feel free to stop by our service center or give us a call. We're glad to answer any questions you may have.